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Rajgad Night Trek: Memorable experience

The journey which started from earning Rs. 50, travelling in bus and then tempo. From starting the trek with full josh under the sky, full of stars and songs of Shivaji Raje in background, taking up the '3 karaars' as a tribute to Maharaj to FINALLY reaching up the fort with lot of efforts after a 2 hours 20 minutes trek; everthing was so much energetic.

From looking at the snake crawling outside the temple while sleeping😂 to finally waking up at 4:00 AM and desperately making a bonfire in cold winds was totally a thrilling and scene. Looking at fog had made us hopeless about watching the scene around the fort but the ray of sunshine we saw when we reached Rajwada area brought back the ray of hope too. And then it was all fun which took a lot of patience just like 'idli rava uppith' which took a lot of time and patience but paid off as well😅

The two days trek was so much and full of happenings that at this time however bad the legs and back are hurting at intensity, isn't even bothering when I think of the two best days.

Thanks for letting our batch know about this trek otherwise we would have definitely felt fear of missing out.

Thank you.


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