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Social Leadership Development Program

02. Mind Map of Leadership - Dr. Vivek.j

In order to promote societal development, it is crucial to select a social problem and work towards its resolution. Often, well-intentioned efforts to solve such problems fall short due to limited experience, abilities, skills, or a lack of team members. Drawing from Jnana Prabodhini's 60 years of experience in social work and leadership development, we are introducing new batches to nurture attitudes, abilities, and skills.

We invite young individuals who aspire to initiate positive change in society to enroll in this course.

Age group : 19 to 24

Must participate from following categories. 

  1. Students of NCC and NSS 

  2. Youth who are interested in initiating action to solve social problems or done in the past.

  3. Actively involved or have experience with NGOs

Course Overview

  • First Year: Divided into 3 parts, each spanning 2 months

  • 1st Course: July 22nd to September 19th

  • Every Saturday, 4 pm to 8 pm

  • Study tours, Social Project visits, On-field work experience planned in two stages (total 3 dayes) to understand society

  • Weekly 2 hours tasks for experiential learning in flexible timings (total 8 Tasks)


  • Effective discussion and guidance while working on social problem

  • Required Skill training for social leadership.

  • Expert insights on diverse social issues.

  • Study, lectures, discussions, and presentations for strong ideological foundations.

Fee structures

  • 10,000 Rs. for each 2 months course. 

  • 100 % scholarship for the first 20 selected students.

Embark on a transformative learning journey in this course, where you will gain the skills to tackle the root causes of societal problems. With an optimistic mindset and an efficient work ethic, you'll be equipped to make a real difference. Don't miss out on this opportunity – Click here to register now.

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