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Social Leadership Development Program

02. Mind Map of Leadership - Dr. Vivek.j

This is a unique initiative of JPLDC to develop leadership in the social field. It aims to design
and deliver short, medium, long term training programs for potential social leaders from
various sectors. If you are the one willing make some constructive change, then this course
will surely guide you for making it happen.

Age Group

Youth between 18 to 35 years

Duration and Timing

We will publish new details of this course soon.


  1. Development of various aspects of personality.

  2. Study Skills & Current Affairs.

  3. Training & Practice of skills required for leadership.

  4. Social Awareness Promotion.


  1. Activities, lectures and seminars emphasizing experience.

  2. Interviews & Experience Sharing sessions.

  3. 100 sessions of 2 hours each & 10 days of residential / non-residential camps, tours, etc.


Fees for the course : Rs.20,000 (including GST)

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