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Yuvonmesh 2023

Leadership is tested in adversities they say…

This year we bring you such stories and models how the community leaders from all across India shaped in diverse situations.

About Yuvonmesh

Jnana Prabodhini Leadership Development Centre has been running a magazine
called ‘Yuvonmesh’ for the youth for last 4 years. This magazine is dedicated to the
subject of ‘Leadership’.

It includes informative articles, interviews and experiences of leaders in various fields
like administrative, social, educational, industrial, etc. It also includes some guiding
articles on developing various leadership skills, interesting and inspiring stories of
individuals working on a particular social issue, and articles by enthusiastic youth with
their special experiences of working out of the box. The magazine also includes some
series of articles. Articles written by experienced young men and women, articles on
various ideologies, the journey of various social movements that have had an impact on the country, and the history of post-independence India are reaching out to the youth through this magazine.


Also, the forum of Yuvonmesh has always been available for the college students who
come in contact with the Leadership Development Centre for various activities to express
their views. Another feature of this magazine is the addition of audio-visual material to
the articles. Keeping in mind the changing times, Yuvonmesh has been running online in
the form of a blog since this academic year.

Previous  Yuvonmesh Publications




Yuvonmesh Blog

Yuvonmesh is totally digitised and published in this form from June, 2020

You can get access to the thought provoking articles, case studies, experience sharings at no cost! Content is being updated every fortnight!

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