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Upcoming Events

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Events!

Past Events

Netrutwa Shibir

Pune, Maharashtra ,India

Netrutwa Vikas Shibir 2021-2022  from 7 th January till 9th January 2022. Full of enriching experiences including total 4 workshops and other activities like sports,cultural program,treasure hunt etc. 

  • Sankalp Vyakhyanmala
    Sankalp Vyakhyanmala
    Wed, Feb 15
    Location is TBD
    Location is TBD
    A collaborative student driven social event for college youths to guide them finding their determination in work and purpose behind it.
  • Great Bhet Interviewing Competition
    Great Bhet Interviewing Competition
    Wed, Jan 01
    Pune, Maharashtra, India
    A competition for college students develop the interview skills, interact with eminent personalities and to create awareness about their own strengths and social awareness through the experience
  • Leadership Development Conference
    Leadership Development Conference
    Thu, Dec 01
    Pune, Maharashtra, India
    A conference on ‘Leadership Development Processes and Challenges’ involving reflective sessions and an open session of experience sharing. For the founder of Jnana Prabodhini, Late Shri. Appa Pendse, leadership was a subject of research and experimentation.
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